America Is Unraveling – By Design

Closing Down America

America – Exporting Businesses & Jobs – Importing Dependency

Put aside all the emotion surrounding Republicans, Democrats, left, right, conservative, liberal, black, white, etc.  Suppress the cognitive dissonance that keeps telling you to ignore the problems, that everything is going to be okay and “they” are going to fix what ails America.  And whatever you do, don’t blame yourself.  You may have lost your job, missed a car payment, failed to recycle your trash or haven’t voted in 10 years; but you aren’t responsible for what’s being done to you and your country.  You’re the “mark”.

The reason America is in the shape it is in today is because of 100 people in the Senate 435 people in the House, 9 Supreme Court judges and 1 President of the United States.  That’s a total of 545 people who are taking down your country.  Those are the people in the 3 branches of government – Legislative, Judicial and Executive.  All the power rests with them and they know it.  Rest assured, they know it.  And they use that power to their own continuing self-aggrandizement.  They’ve been bought and paid for by names you’ve never heard of and sustained with your tax dollars.  And if they can keep you divided and emotionally charged, especially on social issues, then you won’t ask of them the tough questions or seriously question the actual results of either party.  A government shutdown is another opportunity to further play the blame game, further divide the nation’s populace, ravage domestic tranquility all the while pushing along ideological agendas you won’t find in the Congressional Record.  Both parties make it a point to pander to your basic instincts.

How many businesses do you know of that could even exist, where the employees constantly bicker among themselves, blame one another, don’t accept responsibility, aren’t accountable, talk in meaningless rhetoric, refuse to speak to each other while acting like children, are secretive and repeatedly make unsound, unwise and underhanded decisions that adversely affect the rest of the employees?  No such company exists, because those kinds of companies go out of business – and the same thing is going to happen to America because America can’t sustain the increasing level of corruption, malfeasance, moral debasement and incompetence much longer.  The worst part is that the take down of America is being done by design – an objective that is being accomplished in incremental steps by ideological forces stridently opposed to your Declaration of Independence, your Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The most glaring evidence of that is the forced “new normal” of a militarized police and surveillance state, the likes of which have never been seen in world history.  Not even Nazi Germany had the tools of tyranny that America’s “leadership” has developed and is actively using.  All of the legal mechanisms are in place for the final unraveling.  The militarization is almost complete, along with the brainwashing of the minions who will carry out the “final solution” once the last unraveled thread pulls out from the foundation of America’s spool.  We are one step away from the final governmental jerk, spinning the spool out of control.

Much of what happens in Washington, which is put on for public view, is pure theatre run by megalomaniacs, who have been chosen by small groups of power brokers who see the rest of America’s citizens as either fodder for contrived wars or serfs for a grand and global financial Ponzi scheme.  Most people are living from paycheck to paycheck and is further evidence of America’s economic reality. Ross Perot warned 21 years ago, in 1992, that “the giant sucking sound” would be jobs leaving the United States as a result of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  (When’s the last time you saw those “Made In America” signs scattered throughout Walmart?)  Perot was partially correct.  He just didn’t realize that he’d underestimated the scope of the plan to decimate the foundations of America’s economy and with the it the ultimate fate of the nation.

The politicos are using 4 mechanisms:  The first is Propaganda, the second is Legislative, the third is the Hammer and the fourth is Financial Dependence (variations, but mostly your dependence upon the state).  All involve threats, lies, intimidation, coercion and force.  Mission creep is frosting on the cake.  For the majority of a pacified populace, there is no way out.  What made America great – the freedom to pursue your dreams with limited government interference – has been decimated.  America is drowning in a sea of laws, Executive Orders, rules, and regulations.

This mix is simply two forces – Offensive (Propaganda, Legislative and Financial) and Defensive (the Hammer).  The Hammer is replete with examples, both defensive and offensive, whether it be armed officers in schools, students forced to wear tracking chips, students suspended for hand gestures in the form of a gun, outrageous use of force such as unwarranted strip searching, Swat team raids or the gunning down of innocent or unarmed citizens.  The assault on American’s freedoms goes on unabated.  The recent book, A Government of Wolves, by John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, gives many examples.

Only during elections do you hear the positive rhetoric that outlines grandiose plans for America’s future, the patriotic past and the plans to implement the next great social program.  Once elections are over, the reality is still the same – America is worse off than it was before and the results are dismal.  The fact is that it is a manufacturing base that fuels economies, tax revenues and jobs.  Taking away that base, debasing the currency, and running up unsustainable debt is an unwinable formula for economic success.  Unless, of course, the plan is to ruin the United States of America for a larger ideological and a more diabolical global outcome.

Hope and real change will come from the people, not sprinkled like rhetorical stardust from benevolent masters.  How that change evolves remains the only question, except for whether or not the Constitution and the Republic will be resurrected, or thrown in history’s trash bin in the process.  God bless the United States of America.

These are the times for our Constitution

Stillie Mason

About Stillie Mason

Stillie Mason is a writer and Human Resources and management consultant. He is a former educator, working in the public and private sector.
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