Bitter Harvest – Why Republicans And Democrats Are The Same

Bringing in the Sheaves

The New American Dream – Trying to Hold on to the Harvest.

“Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”  Matthew 3:12

There is much verbosity about what is wrong with America, how Washington D.C. is paralyzed and that Republicans and Democrats are on complete opposite ends of the ideological spectrum.  Each side claims the other is bad for America and uses every available means, primarily aimed at people’s emotions, to demonize the opposite party.  And it’s true that the Unites States of America is facing a multitude of serious challenges, and Washington, D.C. is frozen in a quagmire of contentious and unpatriotic behavior.  However, based on results, the Republicans and Democrats are the same.

Their puppet masters are the oligarchy of financial titans that actually rule the world and that pesky U.S. Constitution has kept getting in the way for a fast track of much bigger plans.  However, you can thank the Republican and Democratic politicos, over the last one hundred years, for systematically dismantling the Constitution decade by decade.  And between the Bushes, Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, with the support of Congress and the Supreme Court, the acceleration of abridging and stealing away your rights and Constitutional freedoms has been moving at internet speed.

However, give the American people some credit.  Believing the most convincing political promises, at every election cycle, citizens keep trying, year after year, to vote out the “bad guys” to get the “good guys” in office.  Then, like a rotten soap opera, the “good guys” turn “bad” (some claim the lobbyists and money men got to them) and the “bad guys” have to be voted out again.  Does the recycling, rebranding and repetition sound too familiar?

And what about blame?  All the politicos spread blame around like apple butter smeared on a hog’s behind.   At first it seems like a sweet deal, but in the end it all stinks to high heaven.  If all the energy on finger pointing and blame were used for getting positive results for the American people, wouldn’t real progress be the result?  Yet, Americans keep coming to the trough, to lap up the syrupy slogans like: “We Can Do Better” (Kennedy) “Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?” (Reagan) “A Safer World and a More Hopeful America” (G.W. Bush), “A Stronger America” (Kerry), “Yes, We Can”, “Change We Can Believe In”, “Forward” (Obama), and “Believe in America” (Romney).  Do the slogans sound similar?  Who would argue with any of them?  Each slogan could be switched to the opposite party and most people wouldn’t know the difference.  Yes, Virginia, in human nature hope does spring eternal, just as there is a Santa Claus in Washington, D.C.  The politicos have the hook set in the jaws of America’s humanity and the citizens are scaled, gutted, and cooked.  Like slowly boiling frogs, the prey doesn’t know its goose is cooked, before it’s dead and served for dinner.

And do you think you could get either side to NOT make a political promise about TAXES?  How politically sacrilegious would that be?  If you remember one thing, remember this:  ALL TAXATION IS A CONFISCATION OF WEALTH.  The rhetoric on who should be taxed, how often and by how much is pure window dressing for dividing the populace and raising taxes even more.  (In case you’ve forgotten there is a growing American national debt of 16 Trillion dollars with unfunded liabilities in the tens of Trillions of dollars.)  The unending political rhetoric of raising and lowering taxes is like a thousand points of light, aimed like laser beams on the backside of American wallets, in a world of cartel juicing economics.

Now the great thing about Americans is that they are a highly resilient and tolerant citizenry, who are willing to give to people, nations and humanitarian causes around the globe.  So, the politicians of both parties know Americans have historically rationalized, “What’s wrong with just a little more tax to help with______ ?” (fill in the blank).  The problem is that a lot of people, in very high places, have long ago figured out that they can not only take major advantage of the inherent good nature and charity of Americans, including the rich, middle class and poor, with the exotic and not so exotic forms of tax collection, but can spend others people’s money, to infinity, without conscious.  If it were not so, such incredibly insane amounts of money would not be spent on elections, because it is the safest bet in Washington, D.C. that political donations will bring in a guaranteed rate of return.  That’s what keeps the thousands of D.C. lobbyists in business and citizens out of the game.  The politicians just keep finding more frogs to throw in the pot and turn up the flame.

Taxation and spending in the United States have become legalized criminality, by the perpetual promise maker’s who keep telling the people America’s best days are ahead.  The repeated promises seem so alien, especially when nothing substantial ever actually happens, but American’s keep telling themselves, “I want to believe,” like the X-Files movie of the same name, while the Jon Corzine’s of the world laugh all the way to the bank.  They are members of the same powerful club, which is why so many go unpunished and unscathed.

Both Republicans and Democrats understand American’s basic needs and the left brain/right brain psychology of individual pet issues.  A war is truly on for your mind and the superficially competing ideologies, while cloaked in red or blue, is the same wolf in sheep’s clothing.  The wolf’s heart is money and the Republican/Democrat RESULT is apparent, by nearly any statistic you may wish to research, which is the eventual bankrupting of the country.  True American patriots, for the service of their constituents and country would: easily pass and adhere to budgets, follow the rule of law without exceptions for themselves, take the narrow Constitutional route on all matters including  money and banking and cease entering into endless wars and start respecting the Bill of Rights of America’s citizens.  To do so would embrace a philosophy of freedom, which is the fundamental intent of the Republic’s founding.

With a philosophy of liberty and freedom, the word United as in the United States of America would actually mean what it is intended to mean.  The politics of divisiveness would die.  Instead, the purpose of the present two party system is to split citizens into polarized camps, thereby rendering ineffective any meaningful challenge to the status quo.  Vote for the Democrats and you get the promise for endearing social programs, a redistribution of wealth with a dose of healthy government largesse.  Vote for the Republicans and you have the promise of foreign adventurism (militarism), a police state based on seemingly never ending threats to your security, and perpetual handouts to defense contractors in the military industrial complex.  Like the nightly news that beckons to the latest Hollywood gossip, the social gossip of entitlements versus safety and defense becomes the Democratic and Republican lexicon.

Dare any legal American citizen propose to reduce both social entitlements and war spending,  then they are treated as if they are lepers from planet Mars.  (Ironically, prior to 1900 both political parties had a “hard money” policy in their official platforms).  Did something change?  Yes, it did.  Both political parties abandoned a “hard money” policy in favor of the current Ponzi scheme, that is now being perpetrated on innocent civilians and played out at the expense of a nation.  No wonder honest people keep asking, “What has happened to our country?”  As with all things politically evil, all you have to do is follow the money.  And the money is leading the nation down one and only one path – Financial Armageddon.

So whether you choose an Obama/Biden or a Romney/Ryan, the overriding result will be the same ticket.  The only difference will be on how you eventually get to your destination.  The Cadillacs and Fords will all be pointed down the same road.  Remember, if your public servants, both Democrat and Republican, were serving you instead of themselves and their special interests, then they would follow the Constitution, the rule of law and the will of the people.  Just do the math.

In the endgame, regardless of the posturing rhetoric,  it is all about the money.  Their words and actions (Republican and Democrat) don’t add up, especially when measured by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional yardstick of liberty and freedom.  The coming harvest will be a bitter one, until the wheat is finally separated from the chafe.

 These are the times for our Constitution.

Stillie Mason

About Stillie Mason

Stillie Mason is a writer and Human Resources and management consultant. He is a former educator, working in the public and private sector.
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  1. John says:

    Everything you said is excellent. Right on the money.

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