Early Prediction – The Next President

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As the 2012 election year approaches with the President and Democrats gearing up for a gazillion dollar run and the Republicans hoping to take back the White House, who will be the next President?  Many think President Obama is unbeatable and will have four more years to produce on the promises of hope and change.  Others think that if the Republicans can find someone credible, they may have a fighting chance, especially with an economy possessing so many
unemployed voters.  One thing is for certain, it will be a nasty campaign and a battle probably like no other campaign in the history of Presidential elections.  A lot of money is going to be spent for a job that pays $400,000 per year.

So who will be the next President?  Without the help of Larry Sabato, the guru of election prognosticating, The Constitution Times’ prediction is that it will not be President Obama.  We are going out on an early limb and predicting he’s one and done.  He’ll be a one term guy, who’ll go out with the Jimmy Carter grin, a wave, and off to writing more books, plucking acorns and eating peas.

The Republicans are another matter.  Mitt Romney has repackaged himself and appears poised to learn from his past mistakes.  He’s figured out that you can win with more style than substance and he’ll be a formidable frontrunner.  Michelle Bachman is cashing in, because she knows the time is right for a woman President, but she’ no Hillary Clinton.  She may have a titanium spine, but Hillary has the steel kahunas.  If the Democrats wanted a sure thing, Obama should step down as Lyndon Johnson did in 1968 and Hillary would get the Democrats eight more years.  Hillary is one tough hombre, pardner and according to one Washington insider, she has been a great Secretary of State and could have been greater, if she hadn’t been handcuffed by Obama.  Alas, such is the stuff of fantasy.

The rest of the announced Republicans are like the field horses in a Kentucky Derby.  We’re not betting on the field although Ron Paul, while having a lot of horse sense, does not have the charisma unfortunately required by a large number of voters who are more knowledgeable of Jersey Shore than the Federal Reserve.  Mention the Federal Reserve and some would probably think you’re talking about a Kentucky bourbon.

Although unannounced, Sarah Palin is somewhere below another lightweight, Condoleezza Rice.  At least the Madam Secretary had the good sense to fade somewhere into the sunset, while Palin repackaged a book bus tour in the name of ego and Franklins.  Palin would be better served to catch some Arizona sun as there are no Republican coattails left to ride.

So who will be the next President? – Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas

So, what does Rick “the brick” have going for him?  Well, he’s the governor of Texas.

What does Rick “the brick” have going against him?  Well, he’s the governor of Texas.

He’s going to be fighting a two headed snake and some may see the two faces of George Bush, when they see that Texas flag.  He’d better do like the Obama propaganda machine and wrap himself in the American flag and look as Presidential as possible.  Economy or not, it is tough to beat an incumbent.  Rick Perry still has to announce his candidacy and then win the Republican nomination.  No small task.  And then there’s the Presidential campaign.

Hey, this predicting stuff is easy.

These are the times for our Constitution

Stillie Mason

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Stillie Mason is a writer and Human Resources and management consultant. He is a former educator, working in the public and private sector.
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3 Responses to Early Prediction – The Next President

  1. VAD says:

    The next President will be a Republican, lets hope not Trump or I will move to Canada.

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  2. James says:

    If they cheat Trump out of the nomination I will not vote again.

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