Moneyball For All

Oh Shit Golf Ball

Obama's "Oh Shit" Moneyball for everyone else

Moneyball, the movie based on the Michael Lewis book of the same name, opens today in theaters across the nation.  Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland Athletics, and shows how changes in management thinking and execution can achieve progress, when faced with major money challenges. Beane’s problem was that his small market team, with only 41 million to spend, needed to find ways to compete with the likes of the New York Yankees, who could spend 125 million.  Throwing out the traditional baseball playbook on how players were selected, Beane relied on brazen new statistical analysis.  Moneyball is a David vs. Goliath story that made baseball history and played out to eventual success for the new system and the Oakland Athletics.

What is playing out across the nation and the rest of the world is a dangerous game of moneyball, playing with people’s livelihoods and their very existence, thrown against the landscape of corporate and political greed and corruption.  A seemingly never-ending season of Wall Street gaming and Washington sell out’s is systematically crowding out a way of life for American citizens.  Staying afloat is quickly becoming the new American pastime.

Our nation is involved in seemingly endless wars and meddling across the globe and creeping fascism at home.  More and more Americans are coming to an awakening of dire straights, aptly characterized as personal “Oh Shit” epiphanies.  Like the depressed dimples on a golf ball, the downward cycles of an economy built on a house of cards are pointing to a world-wide depression, while an increasingly large segment of American families continue to suffer.

Amidst the suffering at home, while American service men and women are spilling their blood in foreign lands, Barrack Hussein Obama continues to play the game of golf at a record pace.  Perhaps, that’s his moneyball, without any sacrifice on his part.  He’s in it to win it for himself and a warped ideology that runs contrary to almost every one else’s idea of the American dream.  For an individual with no track record of having ever led anything in his life, except an exceptional campaign for office, no wonder he chooses to fiddle while Rome burns.  Big money got him into office and big money rules the nation.  Obama is merely a figurehead, a propaganda prop like a life-sized card board cut-out, that’s glossy on the front with nothing behind the facade.  Obama was packaged and sold to the American people like tainted dog food from China.  And the American people, hope hungry after 8 miserable years of George Bush and Dick Cheney gutting the Constitution and citizens rights, lapped up the change rhetoric as if their lives depended upon it.  And they did.

The Republic has been duped by Moneyball for all.  The charade, called a growing American economy, has become a high stakes game that’s juiced for political and corporate manipulation, using Americans as fodder.  Obama, the gifted orator, became Obama the shameless figurehead.  At least he knows he’s better suited for the golf course than the White House, as a man is judged by where he spends the majority of his time.  He’s sold out for an expensive lunch at the 19th hole.

The fact is that the majority of those in power don’t care about the common man or woman, until they’re needed to fight a war.  A lot of lip service is rendered, with promises that are intended to keep people coming to the government troughs, but if the populace gets too vocal, then they simply dole out just enough social programs, or other freebies, to keep Americans passive and submissive until the next crisis.  Americans are manipulated and managed, by their government, like animals in a zoo and like no other society of the face of God’s green earth.

Billy Beane changed the way baseball would forever analyze its own status quo. And when Beane was offered the General Manager’s job with the Boston Red Sox, for a then record price for a GM, what did he do?  He turned down the offer.

When he had the opportunity, he didn’t sell himself out for money.  Whether it was honor or principles or some other virtue, he still believed there was a semblance of romance left to baseball.  Something, other than money, came first.

You’d think with all the PhD’s running the country, and a Constitutional attorney named Barrack Hussein Obama, that they’d keep their collective eyes on the ball and not the money.  Unfortunately, they’ve sold their souls for the money, the power and their moment on the world’s stage.  In doing so, they’re taking down a great Republic and with it the very backbone, made up of American citizens who still believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – the American dream.

While the gurus of Washington and Wall Street live the high life, at the expense of the rest of the country and its people, you can count on one statistic from their elite team.  They will shovel all the “Oh shit” moments to everyone else and put the unpleasantry out of their minds.  Their ideology is to steal your money and leave the citizens holding the ball.

These are the times for our Constitution

Stillie Mason

About Stillie Mason

Stillie Mason is a writer and Human Resources and management consultant. He is a former educator, working in the public and private sector.
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