One Year Ago Today – June 18th, 2013 – Michael Hastings – A Voice Still Heard


Rolling Stone Magazine - June 2012

Michael Hastings Piece In Rolling Stone Magazine – June 21, 2012, “America’s Last Prisoner Of War”

One year ago today, Michael Hastings was killed in an automobile crash in Los Angeles.

And one year, to the month, before Hasting’s death he had written about Bowe Bergdahl, the recently released “prisoner of war.”  In the furor over Bergdahl’s release, little or nothing was mentioned, especially in the mainstream media, about how Michael Hastings had once again been ahead of the investigative journalism curve in his June, 2012 Rolling Stone piece.  One year after his untimely death, his voice still resonates.

The back slapping over the “trade” for Bergdahl was short lived.  Anyone who’s ever followed a sports team knows a “good trade” from a bad one.  And this particular trade is still stinking up the White House and a few halls of Congress.  Smoke signals started coming from all directions including the Pentagon, soldiers who had served with Bergdahl and a list of retired military who decried the release of dangerous criminals and subsequently trading them for a deserter.  The White House had mistakenly started a firestorm.

But this is an asbestos President.  He’s insulated, protected and surrounded by firewalls.  When the heat gets too intense, other minions are trotted out with water buckets to wash away any opposition or evidence.  For them it’s ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  If all else fails, then  the oldest propaganda trick in the book is lit – The Big Lie.  Such lies work during elections, and for the Kenyan Comrade they’ve worked for 6 years, so why stop now?  Just go out and push a Veterans administration scandal to the back burner and find “the guy” who attacked Americans at Benghazi.  Was that the same guy who first watched the film that started a spontaneous combustion, or what that the guy who planned and coordinated a terrorist attack?  Never mind the details, this White House is up to catching foreign criminals again.  The Drone Ranger is back in the saddle.  Yippie Kay Yay!

We wrote a three part commentary about the death of Michael Hastings.  To us, the date of his death marked more than the death of a talented investigative journalist.  His passing was an emblematic pinnacle of a war being waged upon journalists.

Hastings wasn’t the first journalist to be eliminated by powerful forces, but his murder was intended to also send a clear message to others who might follow.  His death and the Republic for which Liberty and Truth are supposed to stand, took a terrible blow.  Mark June 18, 2013 as the day when forces took an American journalist’s life and the fires to Rome grew more intense.  They can be seen in the distance, if one looks hard enough without the rose colored sun glasses.

Without an unwavering and unending cadre of investigative journalists, as a transparent and truthful fire brigade, the ensuing heat will molten the collective will.  Perhaps, this is part of the intended new order of things for America.

If Michael Hasting’s death means nothing.  If his words about Bowe Bergdahl don’t resonate with you or make you realize this Bergdahl story has been all around Washington for at least two years in the making.  If you think that trading five of the worst killers of Americans for one American prisoner and you still believe in the tooth fairy, then perhaps you should revisit a Hollywood version of what exactly is a “good trade”.

And the next time you see a hat trick from the White House, know it for what it is. . . .as Michael Hasting did.  Rest in Peace Michael Mahon Hastings.  Rest in Peace.

These are the times for our Constitution

Stillie Mason

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