The Nazification Of America


The Swastika - A Symbol of Nazi Tyranny

The fact that someone would claim that the Holocaust was “a big deception” is absurd. Yet, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made that statement, as well as saying that Israel should be, in his words, “wiped off the map.”  Countless wars haven’t stemmed the tide of man’s hatred, any more than the continuing ideology wars being fought for the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

The big deception is the device used by any government, or regime, to propagandize citizenry into believing the current rationale for imposing the latest law, regulation or rule.  The root of the deception, by corrupt governments, is to gain complete control, with unfettered abilities to imprison, impoverish or intervene into the lives of  their citizens.  In the United States of America, that translates to altering, diminishing or eliminating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The Constitution of the United States does not permit the chicanery of what is actually going on in America these days.  Yet, a pervasive ideology that embraces government intrusion in almost every facet of everyday life and even in life’s seemingly most menial transactions, is becoming more commonplace.  For many Americans, the change is frightening and they openly lament, “What is going on with our country?  What can I do?  How can we get our country back?”

While symptoms include big government, debt, high taxes and a diminishing standard of living, the increasing use of outright lying, force, coercion, brutality and replacement of the rule of law with a fictionalized situational law, is leading to a police state.  The politics become dictatorial, while the illusion of the people having some voice in the process, is being spoon fed into the national psyche.

When Adolf Hitler came to power, the majority of the people bought into the new ideology.  Hitler represented an energetic and powerful change from the generation of the Kaisers and a fresh voice in the midst of the world-wide depression, that most Americans today identify with the stock market crash of 1929.

There was a new-found hope in Adolf Hitler and a German national pride that exhibited itself in athletics, such as the 1936 summer Olympics, German science and innovation, and even a new architectural plan under the master guidance of the Führer favorite, Albert Speer.  A new and more powerful Germany was to arise, especially compelling after the German’s defeat some 20 years earlier in “the war to end all wars” – World War I.

The promise of the new hope of Adolph Hitler and the fast-moving changes in Germany proved to be something quite different from what the people originally envisioned.  Fueled by fiery rhetoric and German propaganda, the German citizens were led down a primrose path to yet another World conflict, that resulted in defeat, devastation to their Homeland, countless suffering and a horrendous Holocaust that originally began, in earnest, in 1939 with Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass).

Today, the United States of America is experiencing similar events that eventually led up to Germany’s Kristallnacht.  In a land that is supposed to uphold the Constitution, by a solemn oath of office taken by the representatives of the people, one underlying principle of American government, at any level, is to be one of transparency. Transparency (there is an official Government Transparency Act) is being replaced by creeping legislated tyranny and the militarization of county and local police departments.

Most recently, the internet has been abuzz about the National Defense Authorization Act, that would permit the United States government to detain any U.S. citizen, in this country, without cause or due process.  The legislation would allow the government to declare any region a “combat zone.”  This has followed a litany of legislation and executive orders confiscating the rights of Americans such as, The John Warner, Defense Authorization Act and the Enemy Belligerents Act.

The “terrorism” and “terrorist” gambit is being played to the hilt, with even the recent “lone wolf” analogy being promoted to further use propaganda to make American citizens accept the belief that there is a potential terrorist behind every tree, so as to justify any governmental action necessary to neutralize any threat, or eventuality whatsoever.  Thus, when one person’s image, real or fictionalized, is paraded in the media as having been apprehended and another terrorist caught, Americans become even more accepting to the idea that only government can take care of them.  The government’s actions are unconstitutional madness, run amok.

One example of the Nazification of America is shown in the video below.  As you watch it remember that a reporter is lied to by an individual that is your public servant, whose salary is paid for by the American taxpayer and that the exercise of spying on American citizens, with the use of drones over American skies, violates every citizen’s 4th Amendment rights.  But rest easy, all is done in the name of public safety and Homeland Security.

Do you see a pattern taking place in America?  If not, the pattern/process goes something like this.  Fear or fear inducing devices are utilized to galvanize American citizens’ opinions against a mostly unseen enemy.  That fear is used to foster support for policies, programs and “necessary” changes.   Legislation is crafted to give government more authority than the Constitution allows, for the sake of “protecting the people.”  A Homeland Security Department, yet another government agency, is created under the guise of thwarting the terror threats and protecting the Homeland and its inhabitants.  The once private responsibility of airlines for security and flight safety is taken over by the Department of Homeland Security’s TSA division, to make sure no airplane flight will ever fall into terrorist hands again.  Gradually, TSA monitoring devices become more intrusive, which is ultimately designed for behavioral conditioning, that includes pat downs of diapered infants and strip searches of 80-year-old women.  After a number of years, the grip on screening tightens because conditioning has produced a less vocal majority of willing subjects. Forgotten is the fact that airline security, as part of a private industry, was the responsibility of the airlines.  Should the airlines fail financially, there is little downside for a government wanting total control.  The airlines could be nationalized and all air travel would be at the whim of the government.

As the years pass, one President invades a nation, without a declaration of war by Congress, on the premise of finding and neutralizing weapons of mass destruction. The weapons, of course, are never found.  Another President, while deftly promising transparency such as posting legislation on the internet, fills his administration as did the previous administrations, with monied Wall Street men, further escalates a war in Afghanistan, keeps open a prison in Cuba and uses Executive Orders with the same reckless and unconstitutional abandon as his predecessors of the last 40 years.

Whether under Presidential sanction, the TSA, or your local police, the indiscriminate use of force in an increasingly militarized world and civil environment is not making citizens more safe.  The proliferation of SWAT teams, now numbering in the thousands, rising 30% in the last 30 years, has proven statistically to be increasingly unsafe for American citizens.  In the UC pepper spraying incident, the dress, demeanor and a military styled arrogance is a stark reminder of the days when other angry men, dressed in black with SS emblazoned on their helmets, unleashed their forceful will upon peaceful men, women and children. The excuses then, as now, are “We’re just doing our job.  We’re just following orders.”

The world is moving at internet speed and with it the rights of America’s citizens are being ignored, transformed and bludgeoned into a submissive state that is orchestrated by design.  The ideology of the founding fathers, so wisely and eloquently penned in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights has been under attack since its inception.  However, this time is different.  The never before seen tools of technology, especially sophisticated weaponry, in the hands of morally bankrupt politicians, of every stripe, may prove to be to too formidable for any modern-day Paul Reveres.  In the meantime, American citizens are subjected to an unrelenting amount of Nazi styled behavior.

In a land filled with cognitive dissonance, the United States of Apathy must wake up to what is being stolen.  Whether it be the acts of testosterone laden young men in black, or the immoral political sludge that perverts justice, crafts legislation to steal freedoms, move jobs overseas and literally create a casino culture of main street gambling palaces and endless versions of Wall street derivatives; the evil ideological forces that want to wipe citizen’s liberties right off the map, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad style, must be converted.

The American spirit, that which represents the collective good of the majority of decent Americans, must come forth from their slumber and quit complaining that “there is nothing I can do.”  Without a paradigm shift, time is running out when something will be able to be done.  Americans know it in their gut to be true.

These are the times for our Constitution. 

Stillie Mason

About Stillie Mason

Stillie Mason is a writer and Human Resources and management consultant. He is a former educator, working in the public and private sector.
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  1. A Teaching Friend says:

    Unfortunately, this is a propaganda piece, where current events would dictate a response much more truthful, more statesmanlike.
    A prototypical psyop piece which starts with assumptions which are clearly erroneous and then catapults those erroneous assumptions into something people are to acceptable as truthful. Sadly, it is not.

    “The fact that someone would claim that the Holocaust was “a big deception” is absurd. Yet, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made that statement, as well as saying that Israel should be, in his words, “wiped off the map.” Countless wars haven’t stemmed the tide of man’s hatred, any more than the continuing ideology wars being fought for the hearts and minds of people everywhere.”

    In the first instance, the use of the Holocaust in present terms, mostly by Israelis but also by the more hysterical members of the American Jewish community in support of some rather unlawful and rather criminal policies of the current Israeli government (i.e., not Israelis) to rationalize in many instances, unlawful acts conducted against the Palestinians, as well as to try further engage Zionists of whatever religious stripe to lobby the current US administration to make an unwise decision to invade, attack and otherwise engage Iran, as well as Russian and Chinese governments and armies in response, is a rather repugnant phenomenon that does tremendous disservice to the memories of those individuals who suffered under Shoa of the Nazi regime of WWII.

    Notwithstanding that rather repugnant use of a time in history which should be remembered as a memory of the victims and as a learning tool for the rest of society than as a political tool to rationalize in many instances unlawful and criminal actions, the current narrative used for political ends does unfortunately suffer from the imposition of a narrative which has been deliberately distorted for those political ends. It would be helpful and assist in truthful frank discussions to a favorable end if Shoa and other horrendous criminal conduct against a number of populations (Native Americans, aboriginal peoples, victims of Stalin’s Holodomor) were actually truthfully discussed, rather than used as political devices to further political goals. That the Holocaust has been propagandized and morphed into a narrative unsupported by forensics is unfortunate, because much can be learned from the truthful tragedy of Shoa without unsubstantiated embellishment for political gain.

    Note that the Iranian goal is to provoke and tease, and using their words (even if less accurately than the actual statements made) to form a response in support of actions which will give rise potentially to WWIII, should not be used with an absence of clarity.
    The US has already committed horrendous crimes against innocent Iraqi civilians based upon the lies ginned up and presented as fact before the Iraq war. Must we allow this same approach to be revisted without clear, careful analysis.

    The emotions sought to be put in play by this piece are fundamentally dishonest given the horrendous actions which are attempted to be put into play.
    A more honest approach to the problem of Iran is required and providing what appears to be fundamentally disingenuous comments designed to drum up support for yet another illegal action and potentially catastrophic result is unhelpful.

    Reformulate your analysis, clean up your assumptions and facts and maybe you might be able to convince patriotic Americans that your approach is not half delusional.

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    • Your comments are highly indicative of the thinking behind the ideology wars for hearts and minds. The fact is that the piece is about what is actually going on in America, and most importantly to American citizens, not Iran. Sadly, many Americans are asleep at the wheel, but thanks to alternative media that is gradually changing. The facts support the assertions made in the post and are irrefutable. Perhaps you didn’t read it in its entirety. What was missing in the post, but covered in other posts, are the examples of militarized assaults happening to Americans, nearly every day in real time. The case of the botched invasion of the home of the Mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland, Cheye Calvo, is but one example. There are thousands of examples. Real teaching moments occur, when rational discourse is achieved with open minds. American’s First Amendment rights are in jeopardy, the benefit of which, neither Iran or Germany had to lose in the first place as they did not have the benefit of our Constitution. History teaches hard lessons and America may be on the same path as other countries who have failed to take an ounce of prevention, but instead found a pound worth of cures, many of which were paid for with American blood spilled on foreign soil.

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      • A Teaching Friend says:

        I agree with the overall tenor of the article with respect to the nazification of America. However, I do note your need to do the Iranian psyop nonsense about the holocaust and long-discredited translation of wiping Israel off the map as a start. An accurate translation would suggest otherwise. Starting you discussion of important issues to Americans with your Iranian claptrap does not instill confidence in your honesty or presentation. The same bullshit and dishonesty was used to invade Iraq. Yet you start with that which parallels the disingenuous rationale behind used to invade Iraq to start the discussion.
        A consistent approach would have connected the dots between those who seek to Nazify the United States and also invade Iran using emotional pretexts and nonsensical analysis as a start.
        Get your consistency flowing baby.
        The Nazis want war in Iran. You appear to support that tripe as well, even if only obliquely.

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        • The4thTurning says:

          I think you are missing the point of the first paragraph. The point is not to further propagandize the American public, but rather to juxtaposition the Iranian propaganda with the American propaganda. The point, since our audience is predominantly American, is to show that the American government is guilty of the exact things they accuse the Iranian government of. At least, that’s how I read it.

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          • A Teaching Friend says:

            That is exactly the point.
            By juxtaposing in the very manner which is presented, the author is trying to instill an emotion in you to support an Iranian war much the same as you oppose the Nazification of America.
            This is psyop/propaganda. This is done precisely this way in order to get you to accept the original premise that the Iranians are nazis and therefore we must invade them. You don’t question the original assumption (which I am teaching you to question) because you acknowledge and know about the Nazification of America.
            Slick propaganda.
            You’re falling into the propaganda trap.
            This is a prototypical tactic similar to what your media does to you in order to lead you by the nosering into things that are not in your interest.
            Don’t fall for it.

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            • The4thTurning says:

              I oppose any war with Iran, even if they do get the bomb. What is going on in the rest of the world is not the business of the United States, rather, it shouldn’t be. I know very well the US government is attempting to start a war.

              I think you are confused about this post, and the purpose of this website.

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              • A Teaching Friend says:

                Maybe. But reliance on two prototypical talking points (which are known bullshit and lack any credibility) of those who wish to move us into WWIII as the first assumptions presented does not exactly instill credibility or trust- it smacks of a prototypical propaganda piece.

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        • One point in the opening paragraph, was the illustration that one’s words, in this case, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are full of hatred and that there is too much hatred in the world (as evidenced by the Holocaust); which unfortunately such hatred has been part of world history since time began. While you may disagree with the technique to start the essay, your agreement with the overall tenor supports the factual assertions. Reliance primarily on commentary vitriol is noted, but does not enhance one’s ability to accurately depict the theme.

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          • A Teaching Friend says:

            Ahmadinejad is not filled with hate. If you listen to him, he never said the things you ascribe to him. The statements that you ascribe to him have been discredited by numerous analysts. That, plus the fact that you put it first, evidences that your motives appear to at least somewhat unclean. The first two things you present about Ahimadinejad fits the neocon/Israeli narrative for going to war with Iran- that Ahmadinejad is a holocaust denier and wants to cause another holocaust, in this case of Israelis, in the middle east. Stop the bullshit, psyop and madness. That’s not what he said. Correct the record.
            Most of our great country does not believe that we need another war- least not with Iran which will potentially provoke WWIII with Russian and China- so get off Iran and Ahmadinejad- the guy’s an asshole- accept it and move on. Don’t put words in the asshole’s mouth to try to gin up support for a war no one wants. He says things- not what you ascribe to him- to tease and berate the neocons and Israelis- but he’s just a blithering asshole- and not someone who should be used to justify WWIII. So get off it.

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    • John says:

      “Teaching Friend” hasn’t read beyond the second paragraph… typical.

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      • Zip Ominous says:

        Teaching Friend is correct. You are not.

        Teaching Friend’s point about the mistranslation of Ahmadinejad’s words is commonplace for anyone who actually follows the propagandization against Iran:

        The phrase “wiped off the map” is colloquial English and simply does not exist in Farsi. Ahmadinejad didn’t say it.

        Furthermore, more Jews live in Iran than any other Middle Eastern country.

        The rest of the essay, to its credit, refrains from the usual partisan assertions of blame to Obama or Democrats or liberals. To its credit, the essay makes the basic point about external enemies & “emergency powers”.

        But looking at the biographical information of the author posted at bottom, it’s interesting that he worked for Lawrence Eagleburger, a Bush loyalist dating back to the Poppy Bush administration.

        Teaching Friend’s analysis of the juxtaposition of the Ahmadinejad material in the essay with the Nazification material is quite accurate.

        This entire essay may as well serve as a textbook psyop.

        The question of Stillie Mason’s background, and what sort of ties to Neocons might be held by Mason, is relevant and not far-fetched given the pedigree held by Mason.

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    • A Sane response says:

      A left wing disinformation piece, a rant, full of distortions and unexamined premises.
      This author is a ‘True Believer’ on the Left’s idiocy. Notice he minimizes Israeli ‘fears’ about Iran’s PROMISE by its elected leader, Ahmadinejad, to ‘wipe it off of the map’ and then blames Israel for ‘unlawful acts’ against the Palestinians. Notice that this clown fails to mention the hundreds of millions of $$$ that the Iranians have pumped into the rockets/missiles that Hezbollah and Hamas use to rain down on Israeli citizens….. Nah, not a word about that. Not a word about the Palestinians murdering an entire Jewish family, including little babies…No, ONLY the Jews are evil in his twisted, leftist mind.
      Notice how this leftist apologist uses the term ‘Zionist’ in his describing how Israel wants to ‘attack’ Iran. What tripe. Israel has never claimed to want to wipe Iran off the map, but virtually every Islamicist regime’s raison d’etre is the destruction of Israel and the murder of every Jew in the world.
      Further, this Leftist, imbecilic polemic shows this authors idiocy. “The US has already committed horrendous crimes against innocent Iraqi civilians based upon the lies ginned up and presented as fact before the Iraq war. Must we allow this same approach to be revisted without clear, careful analysis”….. Help me, WHAT ‘horrendous crimes against innocent Iraqi civilians’????? Hello! Notice that this lunacy never mentions hundreds of suicide bombers from his ‘pals’ the Jihadist suicide bombers (many of whom were Palestinians, recruited by Al Quaeda and ‘shipped’ via Syria into Iraq) that have killed thousands. He never mentions how evil Saddam Hussein was and the hundreds of thousands he murdered, including using WMD’s (poison gas) on his own people. Nah, not a word.
      Such tripe is typical of the loony Left. Not worth reading. Truly a ‘True Believer’ in the scapegoating of Israel as part of the Left’s utter depravity and, if you don’t yet ‘see’ this logic, then read United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror by Jamie Glazov, Ph.d. to find a REAL argument on the superciliousness of this authors claims.
      Next time clown, go to the Huffington Post or, go see your heros, Bernadette Dorhn or her terrorist husband, Bill Ayers.

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      • A Teaching Friend says:

        Your deep-seated pathology and paranoia is duly noted.
        So is your brainwashed polemic and ape-like emotional response.
        It would appear a piece out of Faux News. Congratulations, you are a careful student.
        Please grab a gun and march up the hill to the marching orders of whomever or whatever you believe. And take your fellow idealogues along with you for the ride.
        Just don’t ask sane and decent people to participate.
        Iran has not attacked another country for over 300 years.
        Iran is a signatory member of the non-proliferation treaty,
        there is no evidence that Iran has obtained a nuclear weapon and if they did, so what?
        Israel, despite having some 200-300 nuclear weapons, is not a signatory to the non-proliferation treaty.
        China and Russia have already committed to backing Iran in any conflict which is ginned up by the neocons and Israel.
        While one acknowledges the position that Israel is in, for the most part of its own making, it appears to be fully capable of defending itself.
        I hope it can and does.
        Without me or my country.
        One would think that the various groups surrounding Israel might back off a bit if the Israelis refrain from ethnically cleansing and otherwise committing unspeakable horrors against the Palestinians (the harvesting of organs from dead Palestinians reported in the Swedish press being duly noted- please look it up). If not, then they should expect the type of response which comes their way.
        You obviously confuse a self-described informed libertarian patriot with your own parched view. Think what you want.
        Or is it the point, typical of such people as you who diatribe on websites to try to move the dialog into the false left-right paradigm, rather than appropriately deal the many false statements you make.
        The bottom line is that the neocons and through their proxy, the Likudnic Israeli government (distinguished from the Israeli people who appear to be much more sane than you or they), are trying to start WWIII and there is an overwhelming majority in this country (and even in Israel) who wish to forestall that event and to keep this great country of ours, the United States of America, the country which is my first and last priority, out of a cataclysm from which there is no escape.
        Your fealty to Israel as opposed to the United States, is duly noted. If you believe it appropriate, you should act on it- and deal with whatever consequences emerge from that action.

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  2. Flick says:

    Teaching friend, is that like Homeland Security?

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  3. Ian James says:

    The “Nazification” of America and the west, is a foregone conclusion, well on its way, and the gradualization approach being taken will eventually accomplish the final, unassaultable objective. The designers must still be careful, however, about how they tread with new wars at this time. The water in the pot holding the frogs is not quite hot enough . The frogs are quite happy to dodge the “homeland” stirring spoon, but turn up the heat too much by plunging the west into another war, right now, and there could still be a mass exodus from the pot. Small, incremental, temperature increases of manufactured consensus by the media rheostat, from even the most unsuspected, alternative sources, as well as from the big propaganda machines, will keep the process on track and, pyschologically, we will be ready for that war before too long. It seems for now that the designers will ultimately be sitting down to a feast of frog’s legs.

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    • Regrettably, I find great merit with your analogy. However, I’d like to think that the scenario would be more like the scene in the movie, “Catch Me If You Can”, where the actor Christopher Walken tells the story of two frogs each falling into a bucket of cream. The first frog dies and sinks to the bottom. The second frog swims furiously, turning the cream into butter and climbs out. As such, the designers will feast for awhile, until the butter covered frogs prevail.

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  4. Ian James says:

    @Jim Crowell

    I get it.

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  5. Pat says:

    Our Congress, has been taken over by the Wealthy elite acting thru members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bilderburgers. Treason is the result as the government no longer acts on the will of all of the people. The Constitution is now ignored by the Congress, the Executive, and the packed Supreme Court as well.

    The FEDeral Reserve [a Private Corporation-few know this] is Owned by the Big banks US and European. The FED gives Our money to those Banks.
    –No money gets to Main St.–Small Businesses make 70% of jobs–
    –Those small businesses get their capital from pensioners and middle class savers CD’s in local/regional banks and credit unions-
    -Those savings are wiped out by FED zero interest rate policy of Greenspan and Bernanke–
    –Until Interest rates normalize at 4-5% and people can save again–THERE CANNOT BE ANY JOBS INCREASE…SO–


    Jim Rogers: “The Fed is Lying to Us”
    Stock-Markets / Central BanksDec 08, 2011 – 07:12 AM
    By: Money_Morning

    David Zeiler writes: Despite statements to the contrary, the U.S. Federal Reserve has continued to pump money into the economy, says investing legend Jim Rogers.
    The resulting low interest rates and creeping inflation, he says, are destroying the wealth of millions.
    “[Federal Reserve Chairman Ben] Bernanke said last August he was keeping interest rates artificially low,” Rogers told Yahoo! Finance on Tuesday. “The only way you can do that is to go into the market.”
    As proof, Rogers pointed to the rise in the broad M2 measure of the U.S. money supply, which has increased more than 5% since the Fed’s second quantitative easing program (QE2) ended on June 30, and 20% since November 2008.
    “Since August – well, this whole year – the M2 has jumped up,” Rogers said. “They’re in the market. They’re lying to us.”
    A well-known critic of the Fed who has called for it to be abolished, Rogers warned that the central bank’s policies would lead to disaster.
    “Right now what the Federal Reserve is doing is ruining an entire class of people in America,” Rogers said. “The people who saved and invested for the past 10, 20, 30 years are now being ruined because interest rates are [too] low.”
    He added that if he were Fed chairman, he’d raise interest rates to slow down inflation.
    In a separate interview with The Street yesterday (Wednesday), Rogers said he considered the Fed to be the greatest risk to the U.S. economy in 2012.
    “They don’t seem to understand economics or finance or currencies or much of anything else except printing money,” Rogers said.

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  6. indeed says:

    Again, no mention of the FDA preemption, no mention of the very real holocaust which is happening to the “disabled”. No mention of the millions who’ve been robbed of their life with promises of “care”. No mention that the rich have stolen from us. No mention of peak oil. No legal or concrete solutions for the readers.

    But I do agree that not a single one of the readers read the last paragraph either. The truth movement has been compromised with greed, the delusion of welfare and promises of security. It seems to me that we are allowed two different brands of politicians – one who promises to steal from the rich for the poor (which ends up into the pockets of the nonprofits) and the other who promises to steal from the rich (which goes back to the rich). We don’t need Ron Paul – we need another JFK (not to support the blacks exclusively, but for the 99%). Our country is and has been run by the people – but who is willing to take a bullet to lead country these days? I don’t know much about the middle east and the more I read the more I get confused, but please let’s clean up Amerika before we start anymore wars or accepting hoardes of immigrants for citizenship. Everyone by this time, knows that they’ve allowed something horrid to happen. Please stop the idiotic diffusions of responsibility when asked for help. Listen for the problem, ask permission to act in their behave, then do it without perverting it for your own good. Everyone, including the readers of this article, can do something (concrete, personal and doable solutions, please). Small steps please.

    I don’t need your fake pity, I don’t need any sick jokes or denigration from our politicians, I don’t need to hear anymore delusions on how you are going to get rich, I don’t need you to lie on the bed with your sheets over your head gripping your gun hoping that “they” won’t get you, I don’t need you to group up to beg for even more welfare. Man up America. Let’s make the promise, the precious gift our founders created for us, a reality.

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  7. Rusty says:


    You are very confused. You complain about propaganda but use hateful propaganda to make your point. I and everyone I know are sick to death of hearing about the Holoco$t(TM). It no longer performs its function, i.e., instilling guilt into whites for being white. If you love Israel so much, go there and shut up. I nor my children will not die for your tribe, no matter how much you personally hate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It is people like you, spreading hatred and guilt, which have caused the rise of the police state in the first place.

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  8. Jerry says:

    It has been said that there are three types of people:

    1. Those who make things happen.
    2. Those who watch things happen, and
    3. Those who wonder what happened.

    The vast majority of mankind find themselves in the last two categories. Most have “eyes to see” but don’t “see” what is happening. Most have “ears that hear” but don’t “understand” what IS happening – LOCALLY, NATIONALLY OR INTERNATIONALLY

    We have 50 million people on food stamps. What happens when the Government cant feed them any more? They will find a way to get ride of them. How? They will start killing each other and “Marshall Law” will ensue. Count on it. We are in the “Quickening”. It is so obvious that serious tyrannical changes are happening all over the world. The USA is no more, we are now a Police State. The Lock Down of the Country has begun with the (TSA, Homeland Security, The Patriot Act) and it started with 911, perpetrated by the Evil Banksters who control everything, just as “Thomas Jefferson” said they would. Our CONSTITUTION has been/is being trashed by all Politicians with the exception of ONE. Why should any Citizen obey the Law if there is no Law enforced for all?.

    Communism’s first goal was to destroy family farms, take away the ownership of land, thru foreclosures and it’s products. Making the people dependent on the government. This is all happening, now, by design. When its all done and said, the only one left standing will be, you guessed it, the Banksters. The only thing left for them to do, is genocide.

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    • CJMartel cjmartel says:

      Hit the nail on the head kid. We are but a heartbeat away from becoming a total police state, and the economy is their first weapon. Another tactic the commies used was to raid the treasury, steal from the U.S.A., ie. us, with the expectation that emergency measures are going to become increasingly used, to the detriment of civil liberty. What the TSA is doing is disgusting. I refrain from flying as much as possible, being manhandled by some little twerp, wanna-be Freakin’ Rambo! Now these same idiots are going to infest our bus & train stations, as well as highway blockade in order to have your car searched! If anyone thinks this is acceptable, you are way past hope, for the rest of us, this is unmitigated terror, at the hands of the government!
      America needs to wake up before it is too late!

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  9. BettyLiberty says:

    Maybe some parts of this article are true, but your statements that Ahmanutjob said he wanted to wipe Israel off the map is NOT.

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  10. response to "sane response" says:

    Israeli Troll Alert!

    A Sane response wrote:

    “…Notice he minimizes Israeli ‘fears’ about Iran’s PROMISE by its elected leader, Ahmadinejad, to ‘wipe it off of the map’ and then blames Israel for ‘unlawful acts’ against the Palestinians.”

    (i like the quotes around ‘unlawful acts’. GOLDSTONE REPORT anyone?)

    “… clown fails to mention the hundreds of millions of $$$ that the Iranians have pumped into the rockets/missiles that Hezbollah and Hamas use to rain down on Israeli citizens…”

    (Geneva Convention allows for military action in SELF-DEFENCE.)

    “…Not a word about the Palestinians murdering an entire Jewish family, including little babies…”

    (The perpetrators were never caught. No proof. Sucka’)

    …” every Islamicist regime’s raison d’etre is the destruction of Israel and the murder of every Jew in the world.”

    (‘Islamicist’??? That’s not even a word. You are a joke!)

    …”Jihadist suicide bombers (many of whom were Palestinians, recruited by Al Quaeda…”

    (You can’t even spell Al Qaeda correctly. Palestinians working for Al Qaeda??? Are you smoking crack??? Everyone knows the CIA runs ‘Al-CIA-Duh’)

    …”evil Saddam Hussein was and the hundreds of thousands he murdered, including using WMD’s (poison gas) on his own people.”

    (OMG -the Poison Gas story…That’s so stale and just plain false. Still trying to justify an illegal invasion under false pretenses. Your’e punked.)

    Go change your diapers, dude.

    GD Star Rating
  11. A Sane response says:

    What a buffoon! Here’s how stupid & inane you are.

    First off, you wouldn’t know a pathology if it bit you and as far as paranoia, you never got past the third grade so did some one send you the word and it looked good so you used it?

    Responding to your inane, inarticulate RANT of a fool! You know, the one you provided not ONE whit of evidence for. The one where your left wing , ‘mental illness’ is on full blown display. A Sane Response’s response, with FACTS, plenty are below and, dimwit, this is NOT written for you, in response to you, or to try and educate you. Its ABOUT you and your showing us that you do NOT have to write a single additional word about how evil Israel is and how wonderful Iran and your leftist/Jihadist pals are….you already have shown us what a Buffoon is, we looked up the word in our dictionary and saw your picture….It was ‘blank’, like you are.

    Here for ‘others’ who are capable of being dialogued with (any ‘Progressive’ need not read this since you are incapable of dialogue…and ‘dia’ ‘logos’ (from the Greek), means something, something the Left is oblivious to and incapable of).

    1. The Geneva convention applies ONLY to nation states and their armies, not terrorist organizations, which Hamas & Hezbollah are. Palestine is not and never has been ‘a nation’, nor do they have a legitimate army. What they are, are puppets of Iran, and would collapse without Iranian and jihadist monies from radical Islamic sources.

    2. Notice that you totally avoided the notion of using terrorist arms, provided by Iran, to attack civilians, a clear violation of the Geneva Convention.

    3. If you weren’t such a left wing moron, you’d have the brains to see your claim (notice again, you provided NO/Zippo/NADA ‘proof’) that the ‘Poison Gas’ story was ‘so stale and just plain false’. Oh, is it genius? And so was the Holocaust a ‘stale and false story’, you Ahmadinejad lackey.
    If you had one iota of brains, instead of an sphincter bloviating, you’d have taken the time to do some research, such as here:, but instead, since you are a brain dead liberal, you buy any tripe the left puts out.

    4. ‘Justifying an illegal invasion’? Ha, you better go check out the Huffington Post one more time or call up your hero Maxine Waters or Bill Ayers. Iraq, under Saddam Hussein violated your beloved UN Security Resolutions sixteen times. Further, anal for brains, although your Left Wing Media totally avoided any mention of same, Saddam Hussein’s own head of nuclear research, Mahdi Obeidi, Ph.D. wrote a book stating that Saddam’s sole goal was secretly building and using Atomic weapons and in order to thwart Saddam’s plans, he buried the key nuclear weapons components and research in his own back yard. He even wrote a book about it entitled: The Bomb in My Garden: The Secrets of Saddam’s Nuclear Mastermind however, to a fool like you, NO facts matter.
    Further, Saddam’s own Deputy Chief of the Air Force, Lt. General Georges Sada, the ONLY Christian who was allowed to live and give ‘advice’ to Saddam and was in on every major decision as to how to dispose of the WMD’s (oh yes, sorry, I forgot, don’t believe Gen. Sada, he is a fool, a ‘Christian’ so he MUST be a liar. After all, he is NOT a ‘member of the liberal atheist intelligentia, as you are, not a know at all like you…he was just ‘there’) so the book that he wrote and the evidence that he provided about the Iraqi’s flying out the Sarin/VX/Anthrax, etc., to Syria of course are ALL LIES. So, there were NO WMD’s in Iraq, even though your beloved UN even condemned him for using poison gas (which is a WMD by the way).
    However, since you and all of yoru ‘far left loon pals’ believe nothing but what you want to believe, (exactly as the Bandago tribe of ‘monkeys’ in Rudyard Kipling’s jungle books shouted together ‘it must be so, it MUST be so…why? Because we SAY its so, we SAY its so), NO evidence will EVER convince you of what your perverted, left wing lunacy (and yes, ‘Liberalism IS a mental disorder’). So, even though the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Air Force defected to the West and worked with Coalition forces to show/tell them what/when/how and where the WMD’s were dumped, including how your favorite country (after North Korea) Russia, dumped anthrax and other WMD’s in the Indian Ocean, he MUST be lying…why? ‘ Because you, anal brain, ‘Say its so’…..Right. Ha Ha.

    You have just been provided proof by people who were ON THE OTHER side, who were THERE, who testified, wrote, cooperated BUT, oh, no, to you and your clown friends, ONLY the Left tells the truth because ‘Bush lied, people died’.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket anal breath. Ask the 72 million Mao killed, the 44 million Stalin Killed, the 3 million Pol Pot killed, the 150,000+ Castro murdered and then come back and tell me ‘Bush lied people died’, when today, Iraq is a free country……

    Oh, yes. The misspelled Al Quaeda. Who died and left you Daniel Webster? Do you have any idea of how Al Quaeda is spelled ‘correctly’, or did you find that in the NY Slimes Book of Correctly spelled words? Like Quaddifi, Gadaffi, Ghaddafi, or a million other variations. Again, you moron, take a look at Wikkipedia for some basic education on the ‘correct’ spelling of Al Quaeda, ‘The Base’. What a buffoon you are!

    Lastly, you final vapid, insipid and arrogant falsity. ‘Iran has not invaded anyone in the last 300 years’! Ha. They haven’t have they? Of course, Bill Clinton, another one of your hero’s never had sex with Monica either, since by his definition of ‘is’, maybe is or maybe not is. Or, one of your present heroes, Eric Holder who is about to be brought up on Contempt of Congress charges for boldly proclaiming ‘lies are not about truth, they are about ‘intentions’, so if I didn’t INTEND to lie or mislead, then there’s nothing illegal about it. Right.

    So dimwit, here’s a little reality check for your puerile intellectual superciliousness. Iran has, in every possible way, ‘invaded’ Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the West Bank. Further they have repeatedly violated the Geneva Convention, the Laws of War, and the UN’s charter. Proof below.

    Iran’s Threat to Israel

    The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) established Hezbollah in Lebanon in 1982 when it sent 2,000 men to fight against Israel.

    Iran sent hundreds of clerics and Revolutionary Guards to Lebanon to preach Iranian theology and draft recruits.

    Hezbollah committed to the “creation of an Islamic republic in Lebanon” and its fundamental goal is the “establishment of an Islamic state that provides political expression to the Shiite majority and a complete Iranian takeover of Lebanon”.

    Iran supports Hezbollah with diplomatic, political and organizational aid as well as with weapons, training and $25 million-$200 million annually.

    Hezbollah uses Iranian Red Crescent ambulances in violation of the Geneva Conventions to transport Qods force officers and weapons shipments including missiles into Lebanon.

    Iran supplies Scud-D missiles to Hezbollah.

    Hezbollah has amassed over 40,000 rockets and missiles, all in violation of UN Security Council resolution 1701 banning all unauthorized weapons in UN monitored border between Israel and Lebanon.

    Hezbollah established complete fiber optics network throughout Lebanon, funded by the Iranian Fund for the Reconstruction of Lebanon, turning Lebanon into a strategic outpost for Iran. (2008-04-16).

    Iran’s arsenal consists of a variety of artillery rockets, a number of rockets using components originating in China and Russian, and is currently constructing medium range (up to 1000km) ballistic missiles.
    Iran’s Threat to Gulf Region:

    Casts aspersions on the Gulf regimes legitimacy and supports covert interventions among Shi’ite concentrations in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen and Bahrain to undermine the countries’ stability

    Kuwaiti Armed Forces Deputy Chief of Staff LTG Ahmed Khalid Al Sabah “mentioned Kuwaiti understanding that Iran was supporting Shi’a in the Gulf and extremists in Yemen.”

    Iran challenges the stability of Western military bases by delegitimizing the US as an ally in Middle East

    It makes explicit threats to close the Straits of Hormuz, threatens oil producers and consumers

    Holds threatening military maneuvers

    Strengthens its hold on occupied territories (Abu Musa and the Tunb Islands) in the Gulf

    Focuses on Iranian revolutionary regime’s survivability and its dominance of OPEC

    Sows Gulf states insecurity about Western ability to guarantee security and possibility of a nuclear Iran.
    Iran’s Threat to our Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

    Documents in the 2010 Afghan War Longs leak note substantial Iranian support for insurgents in Afghanistan

    Harboring Taliban leaders and rewarding them for killing Afghan soldiers and government officials

    Clandestinely delivering cash to insurgents

    Training Taliban and Hezb-e-Islami (HIG) insurgents

    Providing insurgents with weapons, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and suicide vehicle-born improvised explosive devices (SVBIEDs) (Available through The Guardian)

    Documents in the 2010 Iraq War Logs leak note substantial Iranian support for insurgents in Iraq.

    Providing Iraqi insurgents with rockets, bombs, and explosively formed penetrators (EFPs)

    Training Iraqi insurgents to be snipers and use explosives

    Training insurgents who planned to kidnap American soldiers in Iraq

    Training a Shiite militia commander in Iran under the auspices of Hezbollah (The New York Times)

    Signing a memorandum of understanding with Afghanistan to improve cross-border trade following last month’s blockade of fuel trucks headed into Afghanistan, the two countries agreed to expand business, trade and the transit of goods over their common border, and customs officials will meet monthly to resolve any disputes and give one-month notice before changing any duties or regulations.
    Iran’s Threat to South America

    Growing ties between Mexican cartels and Iran-backed Hezbollah are well documented

    Forthcoming Iranian state sponsored 24/7 TV news channel (like BBC or Univision) in Spanish to broadcast “ideological system” is designed to challenge all other such channels

    Developing Iranian financed canal in Nicaragua with Ortega government

    Financing Iranian loan to Bolivian president, one of Hugo Chavez’s international coalition members, to mine lithium and uranium (yellow cake-grade uranium)

    Documents available information on the presence, intentions, plans and activities of terrorist groups, facilitators, and support networks – including, but not limited to Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Gama’at al-Islamiya, al-Qa’ida, jihadist media organizations, Iranian state agents or surrogates – in Paraguay and in the Tri-Border Area are available (2008-03-24).
    Iran’s Threat to Africa

    An alleged Iranian Revolutionary Guard member was seized in Nigeria with an arms shipment in October.

    The illegal arms shipment, which included rockets and grenades, could violate UN sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.

    Iran is actively looking for opportunities for mining uranium in Africa.
    Iran’s Human Rights Abuses

    67 people have been executed since Jan. 1 2011. The current rate is two a day.

    The number of hangings in Iran is set to exceed the 179 publically announced in 2010.

    Iran is 2nd in the world in terms of number of annual executions

    Iran is the number one jailer of journalists worldwide

    Iran is designated “not free” by Freedom House

    Iran is ranked 172 out of 175 countries for press freedom

    Iran is ranked among the worst countries for human trafficking

    Iran is ranked 168 out of 179 countries for economic freedom

    One of 13 countries listed as a “country of particular concern by the US Commission on Religious Freedom
    67 people have been executed this year
    Iran’s Defiance of International Sanctions

    The United Nations Security Council has passed four resolutions against Iran, demanding that it halt its nuclear weapons program.

    The latest sanctions are tougher than past rounds and are having an effect. However, they have not compelled Iran to obey UN demands.

    Iran has worked hard to evade sanctions using front companies. U.S. authorities disclosed this month charges and sanctions against operators of an alleged smuggling network that was accused of purchasing millions of dollars in equipment for Iran’s nuclear and missile programs. U.S. and Turkish intelligence agencies have spent years probing what U.S. officials say are sanctions-busting front companies for Iran’s Aerospace Industries Organization, which oversees that nation’s missile program.

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    • response to "sane response" says:

      Sane Response,

      You are trolling so hard that you must be mixing up your responses between different threads. You are clearly confused when you attribute words and statements to me that i never wrote – Go back and check my commentary. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic!

      What a great job you have! How much are they paying you? Or are you psychotic enough to do it for free?

      When i have the time i’ll come back and refute line by line (with references) all the lies and falsehoods you are perpetrating.

      btw – I’m voting for Ron Paul. Am i still a Leftist then? Stop with the false Left-Right paradigm already. We all have moved beyond that.

      That said, there is one thing i agree with you about…

      Eric Holder has got to go.

      i’ll be back – “response”

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  12. Bad Tactics says:

    You begin your piece with two triumphant lies touted by the Mainstream Media to build up a war frenzy against Iran…

    …which completely derailed any point or argument you attempted to make thereafter.

    Opening an article with two known lies really brings into question the validity of the rest of your piece.

    And if you must know, Ahmadinejad stated that he’d like to see the destructive IDEOLOGY of Zionism be wiped from the pages of TIME – he stated NOTHING about destroying Israel – that “interpretation” was distributed by the Israeli propagandists.

    Do a bit of work, the speech and an ACCURATE translation of it are available online – you don’t have to read to much of it to see he’s clearly referring to an IDEOLOGY not a people.

    You are also inaccurate about the Holocaust assertion that you attribute to Ahmadinejad – once again more Israel and US Propaganda.

    Do yourself a favor and go to the original sources of these speeches before making yourself look like a half-wit fool.

    GD Star Rating
    • A Sane response says:

      Maybe you want to read this before thinking you are suddenly Einstein and making such a statement about who is a fool.

      The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler has a fascinating article today on the six-year dispute surrounding Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s declaration that Israel must be “wiped off the map”–a line that has become shorthand for Iran’s belligerent (some would say genocidal) posture toward Israel. The quote first stirred controversy in 2005, when Nazila Fathi of The New York Times cited a report by the Iranian Students’ News Agency on Ahmadinejad’s remarks at a “World Without Zionism” conference (the Tehran-based Fathi later issued a full-text translation of Ahmadinejad’s speech, and official Iranian sources like IRIB ran with the same translation). Since then, however, some have argued that Ahmadinejad was mistranslated, and that getting the translation right is critical to decoding the meaning behind the Iranian leader’s incendiary words.

      Here is the passage in question from Ahmadinejad’s 2005 speech in Persian, rough transliteration, and Times translation (we’ve taken what appears to be the full line in Persian from an archived transcript of Ahmadinejad’s address):

      امام عزيز ما فرمودند كه اين رژيم اشغالگر قدس بايد از صفحه روزگار محو شود
      Imam ghoft een rezhim-i eshghalgar-i Qods bayad az safheh-i ruzgar mahv shaved
      Our dear Imam said that the occupying regime must be wiped off the map
      Let’s isolate the key phrases in the line:

      Imam ghoft: People generally agree that these words mean “our (dear) Imam said,” and indicate that, instead of making a brazen, unprecedented proclamation, Ahmadinejad was quoting comments made by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic revolution, in the 1980s.
      een rezhim-i eshghalgar-i Qods: Again, the literal translation here isn’t really in question. These words are translated as some variation on “the regime occupying Jerusalem.” But the meaning of the words is a matter of dispute. The liberal Middle East expert Juan Cole and the The Guardian’s Jonathan Steele have argued that the phrasing suggests Ahmadinejad is calling for a change in the Israeli government rather than military action against Israel, especially since he was comparing regime change in Israel to regime change in Iran in 1979. But, as The Times puts it, others argue that the line “indicates the depth of the Iranian president’s rejection of a Jewish state in the Middle East because he refuses even to utter the name Israel.”
      mahv shaved: Cole, Steele, and the Mossadegh Project’s Arash Norouzi have all disputed the Times’ “wiped off” translation above, arguing that these words instead mean “vanish from.” But an Iranian translator and consultant supportedThe Times’ “wiped off” or “wiped away” rendering in 2006, asserting that the Persian verb is active and transitive (Cole says the verb construction is intransitive). At the time of Ahmadinejad’s speech, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) translated the verb as “eliminated.”
      safheh-i ruzgar: This is where things really get interesting. Ahmadinejad actually misquoted Khomeini, who used the phrase “sahneh-i ruzgar.” As the Times noted several years ago, “sahneh” literally means “scene” or “stage” and “ruzgar” means “time,” but translators in the 1980s interpreted Khomeini’s words as a metaphorical reference to a “map”–an interpretation that stuck when Ahmadinejad substituted “sahneh” for “safheh,” or “page.” But the Cole-Steele-Norouzi trio recommends the literal translation of “page of time” (MEMRI, for its part, went with “pages of history”). Steele claims that the “page of time” phrase, along with the rest of his translation, suggests that the Iranian president was expressing a desire for an end to Israeli occupation at some point in the future. “He was not threatening an Iranian-initiated war to remove Israeli control over Jerusalem,” Steele writes.
      So there you have it. Depending on who you ask, Ahmadinejad was either endorsing Khomeini’s battle cry for Israel to be wiped off the map or invoking Khomeini’s wish that, someday, somehow, the Israeli government will collapse under its own weight. The varying translations, of course, may be inextricably linked to people’s political views on Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And some argue that the distinction is academic at this point. In a study for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Joshua Teitelbaum states that Ahmadinejad’s public statements, taken as a whole, indicate that the Iranian leader is bent on the “actual physical destruction of the State of Israel,” however one may translate his 2005 speech. Other Iranian leaders, he adds, have made even more militant comments.

      And what of Ahmadinejad himself? He hasn’t exactly brought closure to the debate. In a 2006 interview with The Washington Post’s Lally Weymouth, he evaded her question about whether he wanted to “wipe Israel off the face of the Earth,” in Weymouth’s words. “Let the Palestinian people decide their fate in a free and fair referendum, and the result, whatever it is, should be accepted,” he told Weymouth. “The people with no roots there are now ruling the land.”

      More recently, Ahmadinejad has declared that a NATO missile defense system in Turkey “will not stop the fall of the Zionist regime” and that Iran’s response to any provocation by the “bankrupt, uncivilized and criminal Zionist regime” would be “crushing and regrettable.” Well, at least he said those things according to the Fars News Agency’s English translation.

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